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Heelgrinder Pop Imagery’s first website was designed and built in 1996, and the technology has rapidly evolved since then. While print has changed slowly over he centuries, web design has moved at lightning speed. In the early days of the internet, there was a massive design chasm between the screen and the printed page. That chasm has narrowed, thanks to technology. However, web design requires a different psychological approach than print design. Engagement period is much faster — a matter of seconds versus minutes to win a viewer’s attention. Web design must interact in several key areas: functionality (loading time), ease of navigation (the user must be able to find what they need quickly), usefulness (the user must be able to find what they came for quickly), and lastly, an appealing design. All of these elements must be present in order to initially engage a viewer: and the current research states that a website has fewer than five seconds to win a viewer. Heelgrinder Pop Imagery takes pride in making sure all of these elements are met.

need hosting?

Heelgrinder provides complete web services, from registering a domain to hosting your site. We also provide advice on choosing a domain name: which is a very important step.

you have as much (or as little) control as you want

Heelgrinder websites are powered by WordPress: the most popular content management system on the planet. If you want full control of your website, including adding and updating content and images, we can train you. Or, we can update all your content for you. As much as you want or as little as you want: we accommodate.

powerful online shopping

Ready to open an online store? You can start selling immediately with easy-to-use tools, and your website can even calculate shipping for you. It’s a piece of cake. Tangible products and even digital downloads are possible with our slick e-commerce toolbox.