Hi! I’m Stacie Herndon, and Heelgrinder Pop Imagery Ltd. is my design nom-de-plume and portfolio. I am based in beautiful Palm Springs, California.

It all started when I designed my first business card at age 9. At that time, I wanted to be an architect, so I opened my own firm, which lasted a few months until I moved on to fashion design (temporarily) and then discovered advertising. I collected binders full of print ads carefully torn from magazines and mounted with rubber cement. My fate was sealed when my neighbor across the street, an art student and forever mentor, gave me a spiral-bound Letraset typography catalog. I was obsessed, and the obsession has never ceased. Office supplies, Pantone books, magazines…building signs, interior design, movie titles, book covers, canned goods…you name it, I soaked in every bit of design that my eyes could see. In high school, on the journalism team, I was one of the last classes to use an actual typesetting machine, photo printer, and waxer. We laid out rules with tape. It was rad. Kids today have it so easy!

As a designer, I feel honored to have my experiences cross over from print to web. I am just as comfortable with an X-acto knife as I am with CSS.

Ultimately, I love creating things that make people go WOW! One of the most important aspects of what I do is making my clients’ lives easier and making them look good. Pretty cool stuff :)